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The Book of Astoriya Series

Book One: The Book of Astoriya: The Land of the Blooming Forest
A fantasy adventure novel for ages 9 and above

The Lands of Astoriya have been unveiled,

A magical journey shall be revealed…

Eleven-year-old Sofie is lost! What started out as an ordinary visit to the Community Library, ended with her thrust into a world that she never thought possible. Armed only with the strange, dust-ridden book that sent her there, Sofie grapples to find her way back home.

But not all is as it seems in the Land of the Blooming Forest. Jasmine, Queen of the Fairies, needs help to save the land from a vicious, relentless enemy that seeks to plunge them all into a world of darkness. And Sofie is their only hope.

Follow Sofie as she fights to save The Land of the Blooming Forest, makes a few magical friends along the way, and discovers the long-hidden secret of Astoriya, and a secret of her own that she never knew she had…


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